Our focus is to provide you and your family with financial independence by providing good planning and an appropriate and strategic approach to get you going in the right direction.




Michelle Parker is the President and Founder of Empowerment Essentials, Inc. She started her banking and finance career while yet still in high school through an executive internship at the Bank of Indiana. She later received certification and further training at the American Institute of Banking.

This experience was the launching pad for a successful career in financial services and medical management, including work at the Federal Reserve Bank.

Michelle, holds licenses in Nineteen states and has an affinity for helping people live out their dreams and helping clients navigate to and through retirement. Her expertise is safe money strategies for successful retirement.

She attributes her success as a gift from God and being trained by so many successful mentors. She and her colleagues have a combined 30+ years' experience in the financial services industry and have appeared as guests on 94.7 FM SHOUT Radio's Church Matters program with Pastor Lester A. Smalls featuring Michelle's Refocusing on Stewardship Ministry.

Michelle has aligned Empowerment Essentials, Inc. and its strategic partners to specialize in Legacy Planning, Senior Services, College Planning, Wealth Management and Business Succession Planning.

Empowerment Essentials, Inc. promotes economic empowerment through financial education as its core foundational beliefs, which separates them from many of the advisory firms. Michelle's platinum "At Your Service" style of business is the flagship trademark of Empowerment Essentials, Inc.

  • To understand how to help reduce taxes on your Senior Benefits, you must first know what the government calls your provisional income.

    -  Empowerment Essentials, Inc.
  • Do you know that the fastest rising source of tax revenue for our government is taxation of Senior benefits? 

    -  Empowerment Essentials, Inc.
  • Can you use your life insurance while you are still alive?

    -  Empowerment Essentials, Inc.
  • Do you have a tax-free retirement in place yet?

    -  Empowerment Essentials, Inc.
  • Do you know that many retirees are not aware that their Social Security benefits will be taxed unless changes are made?

    -  Empowerment Essentials, Inc.